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Annual Estyn Report (2020/2021)

CMPS has been noted in the Annual ESTYN Report for our pioneering approach to wellbeing which we can all appreciate has been very important since the pandemic. 'At Cardiff Muslim School, there has been a focus in the school on addressing the wellbeing of staff and pupils. There is a feelings box in each class and regular assemblies on achieving happiness. Each child has been given a ‘happiness journal’, which they write in every day, and staff address any concerns’.



Autumn Term 

First Day of Term

6th September 2021

Half Term

25th October 2021 - 29th October 2021

Last Day of Term

17th December 2021

Winter Holidays

20th December 2021 - 5th January 2022

Further Information

INSET Day: 1st November 2021

Spring Term

First Day of Term

6th January 2022

Half Term

21st February 2022 - 25th February 2022

Last Day of Term

14th April 2022

Spring Holidays

15th April 2022 - 2nd May 2022

Further Information

INSET Day / Parent Teacher Consultation Day: 31st March 2022


Summer Term

First Day of Term

6th May 2022

Half Term

30th May 2022 - 3rd June 2022

Last Day of Term

21st July 2022

First Day of Summer Holidays

22nd July 2022 

Further Information

EID Holiday: 3 - 4th May 2022

POLLING Day: 5th May 2022                   

EID Holiday: 11 - 12th July 2022

Key Events:

Clean Air Day - Walk to School - Thursday 16th June 2022
Sports Day @ National Indoor Athletics Centre - Thursday 23rd June 2022 from 12:30PM to 3PM
Year 5 & 6 Residential Trip - Wednesday 29th June to Friday 1st July 2022
Hajj Day - Friday 8th July 2022
End of Year Trips (All Years) - End of July
Year 6 Graduation - Thursday 21st July 2022