Islamic Studies for KS2

Teacher: Sheikh Yaqoub Kutkut

Across the school we are using the International Curricula Scheme. 

The scheme covers the following areas of study:

  • Belief
  • Qur'an
  • History
  • Worship
  • Manners


Year 3 Spring term 2023

The beginning of revelation

 Response of the Prophet and Khadeeja.

The first women to accept Islam.

The first man, and boy to accept Islam;

The nullifiers of Wudoo;

Some ruling in Wudoo.

The times of Salah Fajr, Duhr and Asr.

The times of Salah; Magrib, Isha.

Prayer in Jamaa’ah.

The manners of prayer in Jamaa’a

The Adhaanand the Iqaamah.

The Masjid.


Year 4  Spring term 2023

Only Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, deserves to be worshipped

Prophet Muhammad call to Islam.

Da’wah to the people

Boycott in the area of aboo taalib1

The night journey and ascens

The first pledge of Aqabah

The second pledge

Abu Bakr companionship and as Khaleefa

Abu Bakr conquests

The achievement of Abu Bakr

Virtues of Salah;

Conditions of Salah.

Pillars of Salah;


Year 5 Spring Term 2023

Worshipping other than Allah;

Madeenah before Islam ,

Islam in Madeenah: Early days,

Hijrah: permission to migrate and first Muhajiroon:

The Prophet Hijrah part 1+2:

Hijrah part 3 start the Islamic year

Umar Ibn Alkhattaab.

Umar Ibn Alkhattaab; As Khaleefah and his achievements

Umar: the spread Islam under him.

 Al Mash the proof, conditions,

wiping over the Khuff and the things nullify it.

Wiping over bandages, plasters, etc

Jmu’ah; virtue and importance,

Abrahamic Faiths – similarities and differences


Year 6 Spring Term 2023


Being tolerant

Uthmaan his early life,

Uthmaan his noble qualities:

Uthmaan his khilaafah 1,2:

Uthmaan: his completion of the Quran

Ali: birth and early life and his noble qualities

Ali his Khilaafah (1 ,2) his achievement

Khilaafah and the achievements of Ali. 

Fasting A pillar of Fasting.

The meaning of sawm.

The benefits of Sawm.

The manners of Sawm

Sawm; its ruling

Sawm; its Nullifications