School Council

Assalamualaikum and welcome to the School Council page. This page and its contents will be student-led by the School Council members this year. 

Congratulations to the successful candidates for Head boy and Head girl and their deputies who will be leading the school council for CMPS 2020/21!


Head Boy: Mahad (Y6)   &    Head Girl: Rumaisa (Y6)

Deputies: Anas (Y6)  &  Hidaayah (Y6)


All the candidates did an amazing job but the chosen candidates won their votes by their strong School Council agenda speeches. Well done to all!

School councillors members in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 are:

Year 5: Zubayr & Aisha A

Year 4: Yaqoub & Maryam

Year 3: Yusus E & Safiya M

Year 2: Abdurrahman K & Khawla