Teacher: Ustadha Myrah

Teaching Assistant: Ustadha Chayma and Ustadha Thasnima                                                                 


Asalamualykum and welcome to ... 

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This term we will be learning about 'Supermarkets'

As you are aware, here at Cardiff Muslim Primary School we are very committed to using a cross-curricular approach to teaching. InshaAllah, as a result your child will experience aspects of their current topic within various areas of learning (literacy, creative development, knowledge and understanding of the world, maths, creative development and P.E). We feel this makes learning fun and relevant for the children, encouraging them to develop their inquisitive nature and love of learning. 


≈Class information≈

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Homework bags - Please ensure your child brings their book bag before Thursday. 

P.E - Monday.

Big Maths - Every Friday your child will complete a Big Maths test. Tests will usually be sent home. Please practise the questions covered with your child. 

Reading books - Children will receive new reading books on Fridays so please could you ensure children return their books by the following Wednesday.




Please practise the spellings for your group only. Spelling test will be on Friday 23rd October 2020

Red Group: (Amaya, Alishba, Amanah, Habeeba, Yunus, Zayed, Yousef)

Orange Group: (Mohamoud, Hamza Ibrahim, Leia)

Blue Group: (Hanifa, Kaleem, Meriyah, Sara, Hamza Iqbal)

Green Group: (Abdulhaq, Abdullah, Adam, Salim, Fatima, Muhammad) 

Homework Information

Homework choice board: Supermarket

This term Year 1 & 2 children are learning about Supermarkets. Please select three or four options from the choice board below, if your child wishes, they can complete more. DEADLINE: 19TH OCTOBER 2020. We look forward to seeing the children’s work! 

Follow a recipe, weighing and measuring all the ingredients yourself. Remember to photograph yourself in action!


Go Shopping! Can you find the right money to pay? Can you work out how much change you will get? Keep a copy of your receipt. Draw the coins you paid with and the coins you received as change. Remember
to photograph yourself in action!


 Write a list of the food in your kitchen that are packaged in the following shapes:






Find at least 5 foods in the
supermarket that come from
the same country. Write what
they are and draw or
photograph them.


Create packaging for a snack of
your choice. Remember you
are trying to persuade
someone to buy it! 

 Research the country where
your favourite food/ meal
comes from. Draw and write
what you find out.