Year 1

Teacher: Ustadha Myrah

Teaching Assistant: Ustadha Hafsa and Ustadha Nour                                                       



Asalamualykum and welcome to YEAR 1!

This term our topic is 'What a Wonderful World!' 

As you are aware, here at Cardiff Muslim Primary School we are very committed to using a cross-curricular approach to teaching. InshaAllah, as a result your child will experience aspects of their current topic within various areas of learning. We feel this makes learning fun and relevant for the children, encouraging them to develop their inquisitive nature and love of learning. 

 This project has a geography focus and teaches children about a contrasting location overseas and how it may have similarities and differences to Cardiff. Children will be learning about the 7 continents and a country within the continent i.e. China, Australia, France, Kenya, USA, Brazil and Antarctica. At the heart of this topic children learn to write simple reports and learn additional skills of sentence writing and using maps, globes and atlases.


≈Class information≈


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Reading books - Children will receive a new reading book every Friday. Please can you write a comment in the 'Reading Record Log' about how your child has read. Please can children return the book and reading record log by Wednesday so they can receive new books each week. 

Homework bags - Please ensure your child brings their book bag back to school by Wednesday. 

P.E - Please make sure you are sending your child in full P.E kit every Monday


Your child will have a spelling test every Friday. Please help them practise the words for their group only. The test will be on Friday 16th December 2022. 

Group 1: (Mily, Haytham, Abdullah, Ruzayna, Hasna)    






Group 2 :(Adam, Yusuf, Walid, Noreldin, Saffiya S, Hana, Abdulraheem, Zayd)






Group 3: (Aasiya, Nada, Sarena, Suhayla, Jannah, Safia J)








Topic Overview