Teachers: Ustadha Myrah and Ustadha Shelina                                                                  


Assalamu Alaikum and welcome to ... 

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This term we will be learning about 'Autumn/Eco Environment'! We hope this topic will allow children to learn about seasons and appreciate the environment .

As you are aware, here at Cardiff Muslim Primary School we are very committed to using a cross-curricular approach to teaching. In shaa Allah, as a result your child will experience aspects of their current topic within various areas of learning (literacy, creative development, knowledge and understanding of the world, maths, creative development and P.E). We feel this makes learning fun and relevant for the children, encouraging them to develop their inquisitive nature and love of learning. 


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Homework bags - Please ensure your child brings their book bag before Thursday. 

P.E - Mondays

Big Maths - Every Friday your child will complete a Big Maths test. Tests will usually be sent home. Please practise the questions covered with your child. 

Reading books - Children will receive new reading books on Fridays so please could you ensure children return their books by the following Wednesday.

Spelling- Children will receive new spelling every Friday to practice at home. Please could you ensure that children return their spelling books by the following Friday. The children will have a spelling test every Friday. 

High Frequency Words-  Each term, children will have to reach a new target . A list was given to the children with the words they need to practice at home. 





Children will have a spelling test every Friday relating to our sound of the week. This weeks sound is 'oe'.

Children in 'Raspberries' group will practise the words in blue, children in 'Cherries' group will practise all the words in red and children in 'Strawberries' group will practise all the words in orange

Raspberries: Khawlah, Jawaad, Abdurrahman K and Eesa H.

Cherries: Eliza, Fathema, Zainab and Abdullah.

Strawberries: Adem, Haisam, Abdurrehman H, Farhan, Eesa I, Mahjabeen and Zara.

Raspberries Words: 


Cherries Words:

 Strawberries Words:

Homework Information



Homework Grid: Autumn/Eco Environment! 
The grid below is a table of homework activities relating to our topic. You must choose at least ONE from each row, but if you wish to do more, then that’s brilliant!
Have fun choosing and we look forward to seeing your finished work!
Go on an autumn walk with a grown up and collect some autumn leaves. Make a picture using the leaves you collected.  Keep a weather chart for a week! Draw a picture to show what the weather is like each day. Write a few words describing the picture! Go on a hunt for acorns with a grown up and count how many you've collected. You can also make a picture using the acorns!
Care for our environment by keeping green things growing! Water some plants!

Make anything you like using materials that are recyclable such as a cereal box, a water bottle, a milk bottle. Be very creative!!

List/draw 4 things you can put into a green recycling bin bag.