Year 2


Teacher : Ustadha Fariha 

Teaching Assistants : Ustadha Zainab and Ustadha Shazia 



Class information 


Welcome to Year 2!

We are looking forward to all the fantastic learning that we will be doing in Year 2 this year. We aim to make the learning in Year 2: creative, interactive and as practical as we can!

Some class information is as follows:



 My Family Album  

This term we are learning about Families, different types

of families and animal families. We will be looking at the way they are connected

and how many people are in their family. 

 Please click on the picture above to access the topic grid. 





Holiday homework



 Click on the holiday homework icon to access the homework for the holiday's. 










Monster Phonics

We have started learning Phonics through a new scheme called Monster Phonics. Please click on the logo below for more information.


 Below is a video explaining how Monster phonics accelerates learning and how it works:







 Watch the monster phonics video to help you sound out some words.