Year 4


Class Teacher: Ustadh Jamel                                                               

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A very warm welcome back to the new school year. We hope you had an amazing summer break and now the children are motivated and excited to start another school year.  We are looking forward to working together so that we can have a very exciting and productive year for your child.

In year four for the first week back, we are easing the children in by offering fun and  exciting activities and lessons for the children to participate in. We will be using this time to allow children ample time to ease into school life.

Snack and Lunch boxes 

At school we operate a healthy eating policy. Items such as chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks etc. are not allowed in lunch boxes. Please can you provide your child with a piece of fruit for morning snack.

Context for learning

This half term, our topic is "Extreme Earth". This Extreme Earth unit will teach your class about the destructive powers of nature, from volcanoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes. Through discussion and practical tasks, children will learn about how and why these natural phenomena occur, and the ways in which they affect people and the environment.


I will give your child homework every Sunday via Google classroom. It will consist of sixteen spellings, a comprehension task, some exercises of mathematics and a times tables activity (this term, we will revise the times tables till 5. The higher achiever will be challenged to tables ten. Amazing online games can be found on . Children who need extra practice with their handwriting will have exercises to do as well. Please make sure your child completes his/her homework for Wednesday so I can mark it before issuing the following week's homework on Sunday. Spelling tests will be on Thursdays

As in the previous years we will be using a homework choices grid. I hope you enjoy supporting your child with these activities and take an interest in the topics we explore in school too.

Reading books can be taken home and must be brought back on Mondays. Every week Year 4 will have the opportunity to share their reading books by talking in front of the class as to enhance their oracy skills. 


I would really appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to comment by email or via the ClassDojo app. I am also available when you pick your child up from school.


The children will be doing P.E. on Tuesday. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing grey jogging bottoms and black trainers on this day. 

With best wishes,


JAZAKUM ALLAHU KHAYR for your support.


Ustadh Jamel, Year 4 teacher




Our topic for this term is Rainforest 



About year 4's homework: 

Year 4 is given various types of homework to consolidate their learning in school.  

Please find below the half-termly topic :


Here is a video to be watched along parents or guardians regrading the topic:  This is your homework for this half term. You can choose which task to do each week and how to present your work. You will only need to have completed five activities.


 We have also introduced the CMPS multiplication challenge where children are to practise their times tables with a parent or guardian to receive a bronze. They will then be tested in school to receive either a Silver or a GOLDI have set aside part of our Friday morning Maths lesson to test anyone who is ready.

  • Holidays- Children will get a piece of homework to do over the holidays to prepare them for the next topic.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss your child's learning further you can ring the school and make an appointment with us.

Click on the icons below to take you to the website you need for your child's homework (these are updated regularly so please make sure you check this weekly):




Weekly- Children get weekly Quran memorisation, reading, spelling and Maths homework. Arabic homework will be given as and when needed.

       School Trips



  Some links to help with homework and games children can play to develop their skills: