Year 6

Teachers: Ustadha Naeela (Friday) and Ustadha Sonya (Mon-Thur)


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu,



Here you can find the latest information on the exciting topics we are learning about, homework, trips, PE days, special visitors and much more.

As a whole school we have been focusing on well-being and helping children to settle back into school comfortably and happily.




PE for Year 6 takes place on WEDNESDAYS.

Please ensure your child wears their PE uniform and black trainers on this day.


Our Trips

This is dependent on Cov-19 restrictions and precautions 



Our topic for Spring 1 is THE VICTORIANS

In this topic we will learn about:

  • Queen Victoria and the British Empire
  • Victorian daily life for the rich and poor
  • Victorian Houses, Jobs and Inventions
  • Life for children during the Victorian era
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Victorian art and artists


Our topic for Autumn 2 was SPAIN

In this topic we learnt about:

  • Spanish regions and geography
  • Spanish culture, festivals and food
  • Spanish language
  • Bullfighting in Spain
  • Islamic history in Spain
  • Islamic art 

Our topic for Autumn 1 was WONDERFUL WALES

In this topic we will learn about:

  • traditional stories of Wales
  • create stories and poems about Welsh nature
  • Famous Welsh Authors.

  • daffodils and other weird and wonderful Welsh flora and fauna
  • to classify animals and plants in groups.

  • Welsh vocabulary, numbers and conversation.

  • Welsh traditions and cultures
  • Welsh landscapes, appreciating Allah’s creation.
  • Looking at coordinates & quadrants to locate the famous landmarks in Cardiff.

  • Study the art of Owain Glyndwr

  • Landscape and nature drawing.

 Topic Page:




 About year 6's homework:  Year 6 are given various types of homework to consolidate their learning in school. We would really appreciate your help and cooperation in supporting your child with their homework. Homework will be set ONLINE.

  • Weekly- Children get weekly Qur'an memorisation, reading, spelling and maths homework. Arabic homework will be given as and when needed. 
  • Half termly- Children will be given a homework grid every half term, which corresponds with activities and tasks to do related to their current topic. The children can choose when to do their tasks but do remind them every now and then, so they don't rush it during the last weekend. 
  • Holidays- Children will get a piece of homework to do over the holidays to prepare them for the next topic.


 Homework Choice Board:

  Homework Choice Board :




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Wonderful Wales:

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