Teacher : Ustadh Aziz        

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi barakatuh!

Welcome to the Year 5 webpage!

We are committed to the safety and well-being of all our children! We hope to deliver an enjoyable experience in year 5; one they will remember for years to come!

Please do visit this page often to keep in touch with your child's learning. Here you can find the latest information on the exciting topics we are learning about, homework, trips, PE days, special visitors and much more.


Physical Education (PE)

 PE for Year 5 takes place on Mondays

Please ensure your child wears suitable clothing for PE consiting of joggers and trainers on this day.




Our topic for Spring 1 is 'The Victorians'

In this topic we will...

  • Explore the life of children in the victorian era; how children were forced to work as chimney sweepers and other dangerous jobs.
  • Reflecting and comparing school life in the victorain era to modern day.
  • Exploring the industrtial revolution and inventions that sprung into existence, and how their contirbutions impacted the entire world.
  • Study the life of Queen Victoria and how she redefined the British Monarchy
  • Look at the expansion of the British Empire and how they become an untouchable force.








Year 5 are given various types of homework to consolidate their learning in school. We would really appreciate your help and cooperation in this. 


  • Weekly- Children get weekly Qur'an memorisation, reading, spelling and maths homework. Arabic homework will be given as and when needed. 


  • Half termly- Children will be given a homework grid every half term (Ssee below), which corresponds with activities and tasks to do related to their current topic. The children can choose when to do their tasks but do remind them every now and then, so they don't rush it during the last weekend.


  • Holidays- Children will get a piece of homework to do over the holidays to prepare them for the next topic.







Information about school trips will be published in due course.




 We thank you for your continuous support!

Jazakh Allahu Khairan :)