High School Project

Alhamdulillah with an established Primary school that has been running for almost 22 years now, the demand for a Muslim High School is ever increasing.

After many discussions, consultations, surveys and meetings we have established a team of professionals who have been  working on this project since 2017. These team members include some of the School Management and Trustees of CMPS as well as other key community members.

There is still a lot of work to do but with the help of Allah(swt) we are at a crucial stage of finalising key details before we submit an application for registration. 

Please find some brief information below. If you would like more details on this project for your child or even just to come on board to offer your assistance please email dht@cmpswales.org





- 2017 we decided concept for high school and started brainstorming.

- 2017 ran digital survey monkey to establish interest. Key findings from over 200 participants, 80% overwhelming support, focus on excellent education and Islamic ethos.

- 2018/19 spent financial modelling, exploring different concepts (large v small school, teaching concepts, private v public); market positioning/fee structures; liaised with Cardiff Council (including Property departments and Director of Education) to explore opportunities for land/properties/public funding.

- 2018/19 the team visited numerous Muslim schools in England.  Decided on current concept (“soft launch” idea; opportunity for a building (ready, min costs, flexible lease; has accreditation; near to CMPS; etc).

- 2019-20 the team have had some key meetings with key members of the community to build support and avenues of working together for this project. Due to the lockdown we have been met with delays in securing a building.

-2020 Autumn - the team have launched the webpage for the project and working to secure funding from key contacts and negotiating on securing a building.  



“Aims to produce mature young people with leadership qualities and the ability to contribute, as responsible citizens, to the well-being of our society. We want our students to leave our school with Adhab, which is respect for oneself and others, a respect for elders and a strong sense of empathy for those less fortunate.”

“encourage our students to always be mindful of Allah and hope that they carry this awareness into their adult lives. We try to impress upon them the importance of establishing regular prayers and maintaining a sense of awareness of a reality that is greater than themselves. The purpose of this is to try and earn the pleasure of Allah by doing good deeds, being kind to others and caring for the needy.”


”Provide a holistic approach to education, supporting the personal development of each student spiritually, morally, socially and culturally through curricular and non-curricular activities Provide an environment where students explore and have the freedom to develop their own identity whilst understanding that they are all equal, unique and valuable individuals each with different and valid viewpoints.”

“Recognise that positive encouragement, appreciation and respect lead to more contented, wholesome students which play a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve”





Religious Studies



Computer Science

Physical Education







Language Choice: French / Spanish

Extra Curricular activities:



Scrapbooking, Self Defence, Bike Club

Drama Club, LAMDA (LT), Debating Club

Quran Club, Basketball/Netball Club

Amnesty Club, Science Club

Computer Science Club

Rounders/Fitness Club

Sewing Club, Maths , English , Science ,

Arabic and Quran Booster

Quran Booster


If you would like more details on this project for your child or even just to come on board to offer your assistance please email dht@cmpswales.org