At CMPS we have lots of ideas to improve the school. It is beyond one person to help us realise all these ideas, but as a school community you can help in any little, or big, way you want to. We will list the projects below and then give updates as and when improvements are made. Choose a project you would like to donate to. It can be the full amount, or a partial donation. Please feel free to also contribute your ideas and of course your duas. JazakAllahukhair.

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Project Cost Before After Progress
Boiler House Door


Material and labour









Completed with a donation
25 Chromebooks for Assessments and Learning


(£200 each)

Brother Ibrahim Ahmed (parent) donated £1000 Ma'Sha'Allah! May Allah Bless him.


You can also view our Just Giving campaign here

Charging Trolley for Chromebooks £1100