Have we purchased the building?

A1. No, we are in the process of raising the funds needed. We hope to achieve within 2023, in sha Allah.

Q2. How much do we need?

A2. The total cost to buy the building, refit to meet educational needs (including IT and Science labs), achieve our Phase 1 aspirations and open the new school, is approximately £4 million.

Q3. When do we need the money?

A3. As soon as possible. The building is currently for sale, and the owners have received multiple offers. We need to move quickly, so please donate whatever you can, or offer in Qard-e-Hassana.

Q4. When will the new school open?

A4. It will take several months from sale completion and taking legal ownership to refit the building to meet the high standards we require, on top of the Welsh Government standards.

In light of this, we hope to move the primary and high school to the new building in Sept 2024.
The Nursery and 6th Form College will follow as soon as planning and relevant permissions allow, but also in a steady, sustainable and manageable way.