High School Vision

Our Vision, Mission and Values will be a continuation from those of the primary school.
The high school will aim to provide an outstanding education in an engaging and resourceful environment, where each student can excel. Emphasis will be placed on the school's strong ethos, promoting Islamic values, character building, and leadership skills. Through this, we aim to produce model citizens who have strong Muslim identities, adhere to human values, and aspire to become future leaders for the community.

CMPS Children

Our curriculum intent:

We believe that the curriculum is the key driver of progress for all students. On leaving the school, we expect our students to be articulate, well-rounded and well-educated individuals who understand the importance of our core values. The curriculum will enable all learners to become independent thinkers with the confidence and resilience to thrive in the 21st century.

Along with providing core subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, PE, RE and PSE, we will offer the following additional subjects as part of our core curriculum:

  • Arabic
  • Qur’an - Tajweed, Hifdh, Tafseer
  • Islamic Studies - Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah
  • History, and Character Building

Through these subjects, we aim to give our students a deeper understanding of their faith.

We understand that young people at this stage in their education have many questions and thoughts, and we will provide a safe and open environment for them to develop critical thinking skills while strengthening their connection to their faith.