Our Appeal

Prophet Muhammad (S) said: "Charity does not decrease wealth"

Fundraising Goal:

The existing CMPS Board of Trustees and the Cardiff Muslim High School working group believe we have identified a site which meets all our requirements: a building at Cardiff Gate business park
named Ty Meridian. Our intention is to secure this building with the help of the community.
Once secured and suitably equipped, we intend to open a combined primary and secondary school to accommodate up to 500 pupils, from Nursery to 6th Form.

Cost breakdown:

£3.5m Agreed price for the freehold purchase 
£0.5m Phase 1 - Estimated cost to refit and repurpose building. Once the building is secure we will accept bids for building works.
£0.5m Phase 2 - Potential to develop indoor and
outdoor facilities to enhance services for
pupils and the wider community.



Any excess funds raised will be put
towards student scholarships and/or
hardship funds.