Our Vision & Values

 Our Mission Statement

Learning through faith. Faith through learning 


Our Vision

Our Vision

We asked our children to think of words to describe their school.....and then we put them into a word cloud.


We asked our staff and children what they wanted Cardiff Muslim Primary to aspire to. This is our shared vision:

Achieve excellence and contribute positively to local and global communities.

It is a fun and happy place.

It gives knowledge that you can't get in other schools.

The school provides good education, social learning, Islamic teachings and environment and is a good start to young lives.

Our teachers try hard and help us to learn.

The school provides a Muslim foundation to start the beginning of a child's journey in life.

CMPS is a place for fun and learning, with an atmosphere of kindness.

Educational, challenging, fun and exciting.

Our Reception class said,

Friendly, best, nice. The best school in the world!

 Our Aims

Our aims are:

  • To provide our children with an environment in which they can develop their Islamic principles alongside their academic performances.
  • To equip our children with a sense of the awareness of Allah (SWT), a strong Islamic identity and to adhere to the Qur’an and Sunnah of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • To develop our pupils’ self-confidence and to help them value their own achievements and those of others.
  • To create a happy, Islamic, well ordered Community School which promotes good relationships, courtesy and caring attitudes to others.
  • To foster the professional development of our staff, enabling them to develop their skills and expertise.



Our Golden Values 

Our Golden Values

Our Golden Values were written by our children. They believe that everyone in school, and those that visit, should stick to these values to make Cardiff Muslim Primary School a happy place to be.

  • We want everyone in school to be treated kindly, fairly and with respect
  • We will listen carefully, keep noise down, be well mannered and polite
  • We will look after our own property and that of others
  • We will keep our school and classrooms tidy
  • We will move around the school safely, sensibly and quietly
  • We will always tell the truth
  • We will always try to do our best work