Guidelines on the use of Social Media by Parents/Guardian

  • Positive contributions to the School Social Media, such as likes on the page or sharing the school's social media posts, are welcomed.
  • Any concerns or issues about the School, its pupils, staff, trustees or parents should be expressed directly to the School and not be voiced on social media (these will be addressed using the school's complaints procedure). 
  • Parents must obtain permission before posting pictures that contain other parents or their children, unless sharing or liking a post from the School's official social media account.
  • If parents become aware of inappropriate use of social media by their own or other people’s children, they should contact the School so that the School can work with the parents to educate young people on safe and appropriate behaviour.
  • If parents become aware of the inappropriate use of social media by other parents or school staff, they should inform the School so that steps can be taken to remedy the situation.
  • No person (parent, staff member or trustee) has the permission to tag other organisations or individuals on the school's social media posts (when sharing) without the prior agreement from the Headteacher or Chair of Trustees.